About lamberthub

Origins of the library

The library was born as a result of a performance comparison study between different Lambert’s problem solvers. The preliminary results were published in the 8th International Conference on Astrodynamics Tools and Techniques. The report, titled A critical review on the state-of-the-art of Lambert’s problem solvers is fully accessible.

The performance comparison work is still under development and it is expected to be finished and published by October 2021 as part of the author’s final thesis in aerospace engineering. Once completed, the document will be made public so anyone can benefit from it.

Objectives and goals

  • To collect all proposed solutions to the Lambert’s problem and implement those under a common programming language, so no undesired performance is introduced because of software.

  • To provide open-source scientific software, so all the results can be reproduced by third parties and individuals.

  • To act as a Lambert’s problem algorithms vault, preserving the knowledge behind this great problem and in particular, the very first proposed numerical solvers, playing the role of “software archaeology”.

  • To review Lambert’s problem bibliography in order to establish which authors have addressed the problem and when they did so.


The software is released under the following open-source license.