How to contribute

Main way of contributing to the library is through its usage and maintenance. When doing so, it is possible for new issues or even bugs to appear. Those are listed in the official issues board.

Developer installation

Previous situation requires for user to have lamberthub installed in developer mode, so modifications can be applied to original source code. To install as developer, please follow these steps:

Start by making a fork of the official repository into your local machine by running:

git clone && cd lamberthub

Next, you must create a Python virtual environment, so the library dependencies do not interfere with your system environment:

python -m venv .venv && source .venv/bin/activate

Check your current Python binary is the one hosted in the virtual environment by running:

which python

which must retrieve the absolute path of the previously created virtual environment:


Now, install flit package, which is the tool that builds the library:

pip install flit

Finally, you are ready to install lamberthub in developer mode by running:

flit install --symlink

which will tell your Python environment that the lamberthub package is located in this actual folder. Now, any change you apply to source code will affect the behavior of the library.